What You Need To Know About Gaming Lag

Lag is different from log, I know lot of you had seen gamers typing log on the screen when their character died from the game because of lag which is the correct term. Log is a chopped or piece of wood, while lag pertains to internet connectivity issue or possible hardware issues that caused the game that you are playing to experience some delay.

There are many factors that might cause gaming lag and internet is just one of those factors. A sudden drop or fluctuations of your internet connection can results to a sudden increased in your ping which might affect your gaming performance. These could happened during your Internet service provider unexpected problem or scheduled maintenance that they have announced a few days ago and you totally forget. These can also happened when you are playing online games in a wireless environment which is prone to interference, specially if you move a lot from place to place or let’s say your sister or brother played a video in YouTube and your network is not properly manage which is more technical. Bandwidth management is actually the term here and this should be applied by a professional to avoid any lag specially those who have computer shops or small office setup that wants to have a seamless internet connectivity at all times. QoS or quality of service is also applied to these kinds of networks where in priority tasks gets good internet connection first before something else such as gaming, video streaming, and web browsing. So that’s pretty it for the internet part.

On the other hand which is hardware causes where in the device that you are using is under the minimum requirements that’s why you barely had a chance to play the game. Always opt in for a device that meets the required specifications of the game in terms of processor speed, graphics chip, amount of memory which are the basics requirements of not just games but also applications for smartphone and desktop. If you want to play and enjoy the games that you have downloaded and installed be sure your device is about the minimum requirements.