Just Fell In Love with Nintendo Switch

I’ve been using Nintendo gaming consoles ever since and my first handheld gaming console is the Nintendo Gameboy, yeah the bulky one. Then every 6 to 12 months I purchased new console as I really love the games available back from the days. I was able to upgrade to a Gameboy Pocket the black and white model, then after few months I asked my aunt to buy me the latest released which is the Gameboy Advanced with complete set of accessories and that is one of the unforgettable days of my life and I really cherish it. The last two consoles that I was able to get my hands on are the GameBoy Advanced SP and the latest Nintendo 3DS. After that as I was busy with school and with my work, I seldom play video games using those consoles that I kept safety on one of my lockers. Apparently after reading for the latest news about this gaming company, I was able to see this latest released of their newest product called Nintendo Switch and I was totally blown away.

The Nintendo Switch is the 7th major gaming device created by Nintendo according to Wikipedia. This device is also known as NX (code name) and it is actually a hybrid gaming device that can be used stand alone or connected on a huge screen or HDTV.

When you purchased this device, it comes with a docking station that can be connected to your UHDTV or Smart TV, this is where you dock the Nintendo Switch and if you want to go out, just take it off and play as you go. Aside from the docking station it also comes with a wireless controllers (yes 2 pieces) called Joy-Con with standard d-pad buttons and directional joystick that supports motion detection. The Joy-con can be attached to the unit itself in both sides to have the usual handheld-style of gaming.