How To Get Battle Points and Tickets Easily in Mobile Legends

Battle points and tickets are two of the most important in-game items you need to enjoy Mobile Legends next to Diamonds. You can buy or unlock new heroes by using battle points, where in majority of the heroes can be purchased for 32000 BP, and some are available for purchased using tickets such as Akai, Franco, Rafaela, Clint, Tigreal, Alucard, and Miya at this point of writing.

In the recent changes in the game, now you can also draw skins from the lucky spin minigame (diamonds used before) to get elite and common skins. Still a good changes compared before where you can only get skins by purchasing diamonds using real money. Now with the lucky spin, you just need to bet 20 tickets for a chance of winning a skin which refreshes every certain hours. Meaning you can get almost any skin as long as you have lots of tickets in your account.

Going back to the battle points, aside from using it to purchase heroes it is also used to upgrade your emblems such as the physical, tank, fighter, assassin, mage emblem which also plays an important role in the game. You can get additional buff for your character and it is very important that you level up or even max out all of these as you progress with the game. Not just specific emblem but if you can max out them all so that every hero that you choose will benefit from these emblems.

There are few ways to get these in-game items, first would become actively insane that you almost play the whole day completing quests, rewards, and achievements. You can also purchase diamonds that you can use instead of battle points to purchase heroes. So that the battle points that you will be save, will be spend on the upgrades of the emblems, etc. Last and the best way to get battle points and diamonds for free in the game is by using diamond cheats for Mobile Legends to get almost infinite number of diamonds and battle points.