Gaming Using Virtual Reality Headset Makes You Dizzy?

I’m not sure if I’m just one of the many people who are experiencing dizziness when playing virtual reality or augmented reality games using a VR headset. I have tried several games such VR crazy coster, VR X-racer, VR abyss, and many more, but still I felt dizzy everytime I try to check those games in my smartphone.

I just did a quick research and based from Wikipedia, it is somehow related to motion sickness symptoms. These include nausea, headache, vomiting, just to mention a few. In my opinion, we feel this discomfort because of the focal view or depth of view on how we see things using virtual headgears that makes us dizzy.

I remember I went to this place where they offer puzzle-like mystery game and the one that we picked requires virtual headset to get the clues into the game. These clues will help us solve the mystery, and I think that is really cool. It’s just a bunch of scenerery where you count every mention photos. The idea is they have found a way how to utilize the newest technology, not just for a casual gaming experience but also a whole different solving mystery and stuff.

If you try to browse your Google PlayStore or Apple app store, you will find huge library of VR apps and games that you can try. Again warning for those people who easily feel dizzy from such scenes, not to use VR gears in a longer period of time, but if on your 1st try there’s no discomfort then congratulations on your newest gaming experience.