Why You Should Visit New Orleans in the Spring

Did you know that New Orleans is known as “America’s Most Interesting City”? Well, everyone who has seen this city will agree to this.  New Orleans is the cradle of American Entertainment. You will enjoy all kinds of music when visiting this city like jazz, rock, and acoustic.

A lot of amazing experiences await you in New Orleans.  That is why we have compiled some important tips that you can follow when visiting this wonderful city.

Top Must-Try Foods in New Orleans

It’s hard to wander when your stomach is empty. Make sure that you try these foods when you finally reach the city.

·         Gumbo – a boiled okra dish with rice

·         Po-Boys – New Orleans most popular crunchy garden salad sandwich

·         Jambalaya –  rice and pork meal that is almost like a Spanish paella

·         Red beans and rice – a famous food every Monday

·         Étouffée –  a combination of the New Orleans mouth-watering seafood dish with rice

What to do in New Orleans

Staying in your room the whole day will not give justice to your tour in New Orleans.  When you are in a vibrant city, it is essential that you go out and experience what it can offer.  Here are the top things you can do when visiting this city.

Visit Marigny – The liveliest neighborhood in New Orleans is probably Marigny, where bands play until 4am. This is where you can bond with friends and take photos of the vibrant Frenchmen Street.

Visit the National World War II Museum – If you want to travel through time and learn about World War II from the American’s point of View, you must visit this museum. Inside the museum is a 4D theatre where you can experience a dramatic replay of World War II, complete with simulated gunfire and explosion.

Visit Bywater – This is probably the hippest part of the city. Almost all buildings feature murals and paintings from bohemian artists. Who wouldn’t want to take a photo of this lovely neighborhood?

Visit the City Park – The City Park in New Orleans is huge space with 1, 300 acres of greeneries and trees. It was founded in 1854 and is now a natural attraction for families who want to experience nature and take a break from the hustle bustle of the city.

New Orleans is one of the best places in the United States. Don’t forget to bring your camera and extra batteries as this city will never run out of Instagram-worthy attractions.