Roblox Most Favorite Game by Children 7 to 12

As I checked the most played games in my computer shop, I’ve found out that this Roblox game is on the top 3 games that was played by my customers day by day. I have minecraft installed but I don’t know why my customers are addicted to this game, where in honestly both games looks the same and I can barely see the difference if I will not just look on the launch programs and I don’t know whether it is minecraft or roblox.

Roblox is an online game and I’m sure you can’t play this offline as the files are being loaded in the server once you have log in to your account. On the screen page you will be able to select which particular game you want to play and there you can meet other users or players online across the globe. There are various customizations in the game that can be made as long as you have robux and tix which are very important in the game. These are in-app purchase or in layman’s term these are premium items that can bought and used to customize your character and other in game items. Prices for robux in the store ranges from $5 as minimum up to a whooping $200. Imagine these are just game currencies for the Roblox game and you can’t use these anywhere. Although there are other ways how you will be able to acquire this for free and that’s through the help of using roblox robux hack tool where you can be able to get the amount of robux rewards daily with bonus tix and some even give vip or builder membership for their website visitors.

Roblox is an exciting game because there are lot of users that is playing in real-time simultaneously meaning your customer will be able to communicate to these players and every game that they will play inside, there are also users who on that channel or game title. I also want to add that these are child safety games as the main game developers don’t want to see some violence, and other stuff that a child doesn’t need to see and understand at early young age.

What You Need To Know About Gaming Lag

Lag is different from log, I know lot of you had seen gamers typing log on the screen when their character died from the game because of lag which is the correct term. Log is a chopped or piece of wood, while lag pertains to internet connectivity issue or possible hardware issues that caused the game that you are playing to experience some delay.

There are many factors that might cause gaming lag and internet is just one of those factors. A sudden drop or fluctuations of your internet connection can results to a sudden increased in your ping which might affect your gaming performance. These could happened during your Internet service provider unexpected problem or scheduled maintenance that they have announced a few days ago and you totally forget. These can also happened when you are playing online games in a wireless environment which is prone to interference, specially if you move a lot from place to place or let’s say your sister or brother played a video in YouTube and your network is not properly manage which is more technical. Bandwidth management is actually the term here and this should be applied by a professional to avoid any lag specially those who have computer shops or small office setup that wants to have a seamless internet connectivity at all times. QoS or quality of service is also applied to these kinds of networks where in priority tasks gets good internet connection first before something else such as gaming, video streaming, and web browsing. So that’s pretty it for the internet part.

On the other hand which is hardware causes where in the device that you are using is under the minimum requirements that’s why you barely had a chance to play the game. Always opt in for a device that meets the required specifications of the game in terms of processor speed, graphics chip, amount of memory which are the basics requirements of not just games but also applications for smartphone and desktop. If you want to play and enjoy the games that you have downloaded and installed be sure your device is about the minimum requirements.

How To Get Battle Points and Tickets Easily in Mobile Legends

Battle points and tickets are two of the most important in-game items you need to enjoy Mobile Legends next to Diamonds. You can buy or unlock new heroes by using battle points, where in majority of the heroes can be purchased for 32000 BP, and some are available for purchased using tickets such as Akai, Franco, Rafaela, Clint, Tigreal, Alucard, and Miya at this point of writing.

In the recent changes in the game, now you can also draw skins from the lucky spin minigame (diamonds used before) to get elite and common skins. Still a good changes compared before where you can only get skins by purchasing diamonds using real money. Now with the lucky spin, you just need to bet 20 tickets for a chance of winning a skin which refreshes every certain hours. Meaning you can get almost any skin as long as you have lots of tickets in your account.

Going back to the battle points, aside from using it to purchase heroes it is also used to upgrade your emblems such as the physical, tank, fighter, assassin, mage emblem which also plays an important role in the game. You can get additional buff for your character and it is very important that you level up or even max out all of these as you progress with the game. Not just specific emblem but if you can max out them all so that every hero that you choose will benefit from these emblems.

There are few ways to get these in-game items, first would become actively insane that you almost play the whole day completing quests, rewards, and achievements. You can also purchase diamonds that you can use instead of battle points to purchase heroes. So that the battle points that you will be save, will be spend on the upgrades of the emblems, etc. Last and the best way to get battle points and diamonds for free in the game is by using diamond cheats for Mobile Legends to get almost infinite number of diamonds and battle points.

Gaming Using Virtual Reality Headset Makes You Dizzy?

I’m not sure if I’m just one of the many people who are experiencing dizziness when playing virtual reality or augmented reality games using a VR headset. I have tried several games such VR crazy coster, VR X-racer, VR abyss, and many more, but still I felt dizzy everytime I try to check those games in my smartphone.

I just did a quick research and based from Wikipedia, it is somehow related to motion sickness symptoms. These include nausea, headache, vomiting, just to mention a few. In my opinion, we feel this discomfort because of the focal view or depth of view on how we see things using virtual headgears that makes us dizzy.

I remember I went to this place where they offer puzzle-like mystery game and the one that we picked requires virtual headset to get the clues into the game. These clues will help us solve the mystery, and I think that is really cool. It’s just a bunch of scenerery where you count every mention photos. The idea is they have found a way how to utilize the newest technology, not just for a casual gaming experience but also a whole different solving mystery and stuff.

If you try to browse your Google PlayStore or Apple app store, you will find huge library of VR apps and games that you can try. Again warning for those people who easily feel dizzy from such scenes, not to use VR gears in a longer period of time, but if on your 1st try there’s no discomfort then congratulations on your newest gaming experience.

OMG! Clash Royale’s Newest Arena and Cards [December 2017]

Clash Royale fans out there, Supercell have just released their newest update including 3 new heroes and 1 good-looking arena. Before the said update, they have also released some huge balance changes that affected all time favorite heroes. Here’s the latest changelog for the game.

  • Hog Rider: Hit speed to 1.6sec (from 1.5sec), first attack comes 0.1sec slower (I can’t remember how many times they already nerfed this card)
  • Knight: Hit speed to 1.2sec (from 1.1sec)
  • Prince: Hitpoints +5%, hit speed to 1.4sec (from 1.5sec) (OMG the Prince getting stronger, don’t ever let it touch your tower)
  • Damage Spells (Fireball, Lightning, Zap, Log, Poison, Rocket, Arrows): Crown Tower Damage to 35% (from 40%) (I definitely like this changes to annoying spell cards, specially those max level players throwing rocket, lightning directly to your tower)
  • Ice Golem: Death Damage slow effect duration to 1sec (from 2sec)
  • Skeleton Barrel: Added Death Damage
  • Giant Skeleton: Hitpoints +5%
  • Guards: Damage +5%, hitpoints +5%, hit speed to 1.1sec (from 1.2sec)
  • Goblins (affects Goblins, Goblin Gang, Goblin Barrel): Damage -6%
  • Elixir Collector: Hitpoints -13%


  • Mortar – FIXED: Minimum range bug
  • Inferno Dragon, Inferno Tower – FIXED: Damage not resetting after breaking through a shield (e.g. Guards, Dark Prince, Cannon Cart)

Going back to the latest features. The newest arena at 3400 trophies is called Electro Valley. I’m pretty sure this must be the home town of the Electro Wizard, Zap, Sparky, and any troops/building that uses electricity, Tesla also included?

There’s also 2 new cards, one is an epic card called Hunter and a rare card called Zappies. Actually there is a 3rd upcoming card that is not mentioned in the update but you can see it on your cards section. It is a legendary card called Ghost, you can find some actual gameplay from this card if you will try to search on YouTube.

Not just that, there’s also new chests available for every one of us. The 3 new chests are unique on its own and you can check the details below.

  • Lightning Chest: Replace card stacks of your choice with up to 5 “Strikes”
  • Fortune Chest: Get a glimpse of the future and see what your chest might contain…
  • King’s Chest / Legendary King’s Chest: Big chests with a focus on Epic and Legendary Cards
  • Pick up these new chests from Quests and the Shop (I’ve played almost 50 games after the latest update, but no luck getting even one of these 3 new chests)

There’s also upcoming new game mode such as Gold Rush where you can get amazing amount of Gold, Gem Rush – this is totally new and have no idea but obviously you can get prize gems, and new boosts items for purchased and special challenges like the current active one where you can win the 2 latest cards for free.

Last but not the least is there also changes in the store specially for users that are already 4000+ trophies. They can easily see epic and legendary cards more frequently, meaning you need more gold to buy these offering lol. Anyway if you don’t want to load your account, you can check a bunch of YouTube channels who gives gems for free.

5 Upcoming Games for PlayStation and Xbox

If you are a PlayStation and Xbox hard-core gamer, then be sure to check this upcoming game titles that will be released next year. Be sure to save some money by the time these awesome games will be available in the market. Without further ado, here we go:

The Last of Us Part II

It’s been a while since the original version was released way back 2013, If you enjoyed that game, then I’m sure you will love this game sequel. The game is a survival horror plus action-adventure game set in post-apocalyptic United States. The initial version of the game resides on story of survivors Joel and Ellie as they team up and help each other to survive while looking for a cure for the dreadful plague that had almost annihilated the human specie.This game is available for PlayStation 3 and 4.

Red Dead Redemption 2

Another action-adventure game, but this one has a western-themed settings developed by Rockstar Games. It is the 3rd addition to the Red Dead game series where the story is all about Arthur Morgan, a member of a gang called Dutch van der Linde and known for being an outlow to the story line. This game is a 3rd-person shooting game and it is available in single and mutiplayer game play. The game will be released for both PS4 and Xbox One next year.

Detroit: Become Human

This game is somehow resembles ghost in the shell, it was neo-noir thriller video game where the plot is all about three androids with their own mission, each one of them can survive or died, depending on the path that you as a user will take. So the story line can be alter by whichever decisions you have made. This game was developed by Quantic Dream and published by one of the biggest names in gaming industry, the Sony Interactive Entertainment and it is expected to hit the market next year for the PlayStation 4 released.

God of War 2018

I guess I don’t need to introduce this bad a** game as it is very popular to everyone. If you were able to finished all the God of War game series for PlayStation, then the long wait is over and you will definitely be able to play the latest addition next year, specially for PS4 console users. This is the 8th installment of the game and still Kratos is the main character.

Metro Exodus

Metro Exodus is the 3rd installment for the first-person shooting Metro game series. Remember the Metro: Last Light where you fight for survival against horror enemies in a post-apocalyptic settings. If you enjoyed playing that game then you really want to check out the upcoming Metro Exodus game for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. This game is actually a continuation of the Metro Last Light, starting with a 32 year old Artyom who will rendezvous with Spartan Rangers to the far eastern location. You will also meet an important character from the previous games named Anna.

There are other upcoming games for 2018, I’ll make sure to keep you updated with those games when I get more information. Again start saving now and 2018 will be a great year to start playing A+ game titles.

Just Fell In Love with Nintendo Switch

I’ve been using Nintendo gaming consoles ever since and my first handheld gaming console is the Nintendo Gameboy, yeah the bulky one. Then every 6 to 12 months I purchased new console as I really love the games available back from the days. I was able to upgrade to a Gameboy Pocket the black and white model, then after few months I asked my aunt to buy me the latest released which is the Gameboy Advanced with complete set of accessories and that is one of the unforgettable days of my life and I really cherish it. The last two consoles that I was able to get my hands on are the GameBoy Advanced SP and the latest Nintendo 3DS. After that as I was busy with school and with my work, I seldom play video games using those consoles that I kept safety on one of my lockers. Apparently after reading for the latest news about this gaming company, I was able to see this latest released of their newest product called Nintendo Switch and I was totally blown away.

The Nintendo Switch is the 7th major gaming device created by Nintendo according to Wikipedia. This device is also known as NX (code name) and it is actually a hybrid gaming device that can be used stand alone or connected on a huge screen or HDTV.

When you purchased this device, it comes with a docking station that can be connected to your UHDTV or Smart TV, this is where you dock the Nintendo Switch and if you want to go out, just take it off and play as you go. Aside from the docking station it also comes with a wireless controllers (yes 2 pieces) called Joy-Con with standard d-pad buttons and directional joystick that supports motion detection. The Joy-con can be attached to the unit itself in both sides to have the usual handheld-style of gaming.