Say Hello to the Lovely Country Armenia!

Do you want to break free from the hustle-bustle of the city life? How about a break from your monotonous work life and spend an unforgettable vacation? Imagine splendid landscapes, tranquil neighborhoods, and beautiful scenery to sight-see. Yes, all of these things are possible in Armenia.

We’ve always loved this country because of the unique wonders it offers. Situated right at the crossroads of Europe and Asia, Armenia has many attractions which you won’t find anywhere else. Now, let’s take you to a virtual tour in this lovely and sweet country Armenia. 

Mount Ararat

Armenia is a great place to visit in light of its superb and one of a kind Mount Ararat. Ararat is an image of the country for all Armenians and in spite of the fact that it is not part of the Armenian territory. It is actually from here that opens the most energizing and life-changing perspective on this hallowed mountain. As indicated by the Bible, Noah’s Ark halted at this mountain after the World Flood. After the water of the flood had totally gone, Noah descended and settled in the Ararat valley. That is the reason Armenians have such regard to this Biblical Mount, and the moving to it is viewed as a journey to the heavenly places.

Ancient Historical Heritage

Armenia is home to various Gothic creations, temples and monasteries. Although they do not have very sophisticated styles, each edifice will take you to hundreds of years ago of the Armenian history. The history of Armenia goes back to 4110. The voyagers visiting this nation will have the option to connect with both innovation and the past thousand years. And this on such a little domain! This nation is likewise the first in the world that received Christianity as a state religion in 301. When you visit this country, you would be surprised just how much influence Christianity has all over the place from its structures, cultures, and practices.

Lake Sevan

Lake Sevan is one of the most noteworthy freshwater lakes on the planet. It is situated at an elevation of around 1900 meters above ocean level, and when you remain on its bank, some of the time it appears that the water surface is going to contact the sky. Because of its excellence, Sevan is designated “the pearl of Armenia”, and because of a colossal size – “Armenian ocean”. The territory around the lake is an extraordinary spot for a vacation or end of the week.